Page Banfield
(address included)
16th October 2003

Dear Page,

Please find enclosed a personally signed photo from Dan, as a small thank you for the terrific work you do on your website

This is Dan's latest photo, taken at Leavesden Studios, during the filming of PRISONER OF AZKABAN and will be sent out to his fans over the next few months.

As we have now responded to over 50,000 letters since January, I thought I should take this opportunity to clarify a few points with regards to Daniel's fanmail, which I would be grateful if you could share with your visitors on

Daniel values each and every letter he receives from his fans, loves to hear from them and it is his intention that each letters receives a reply. Unfortunately, many letters arrive without the senders address or the writing is illegible and it is therefore impossible to reply. Sorry!

The only two addresses which should be used for Dan's fanmail are: ARG Talent, 4 Great Portland Street, London W1W 8PA or LEAVESDEN STUDIOS, PO Box 3000, Leavesden, Herts, WD25 7LT.

Any other addresses being used by fans (and there are many!!) means that the mail takes a much longer time to collect, respond to and many, I fear, may be lost in transit as they are not under our direct control.

What each person receives is as follows - Dan's latest pre-signed photo and a newsletter/message from Dan telling his fans what he has been up to/ watching/ listening to etc. These messages are composed entirely by Dan - not by his agent or anyone associated with Dan - and copies are then made and distributed. We have so far sent out three different newsletters and the fourth due to be distributed from Nov 1, will take the form of answers to the FAQ's he receives in his fanmail. He tries to change this every three months.

Unfortunately, what Daniel cannot do is personally sign photos or reply to individual letters, hence the use of the newsletter as an effective means of communication. As you can tell, from the sheer volume of mail he receives, this would be an impossible task for him to fulfill with his filming schedule and academic commitments.

I know many people want to know if Dan ever visits the website and the answer is no. He is, however, aware of the enthusiasm of his fans and of the tremendous work that you, Page, do on your site. He did, of course, visit the site on his birthday and was overwhelmed by the incredible card which you and his fans had created.

On behalf of my wife and myself, thank you for the care and attention you take with We value the responsible attitude you show towards our son - in particular, in respect to his privacy. Furthermore, we appreciate the squashing of idle gossip, insane rumours and wild speculation which abound about his life. His life is so much simpler than people imagine!

Keep up the good work!

With all good wishes ALAN RADCLIFFE